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Overview of the labour market 2105/2016

At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 we are expecting an even greater demand for qualified and talented candidates with skills.

According to analysis done by GANDER, there will be a greater demand for positions in IT, sales and marketing, as well as finance and administrative positions requiring more than two foreign languages. We also feel there will be a demand for skilled positions such as machinists, electrical engineers, as well as as core positions in construction and services.

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TOP 12

The most in-demand and, at the same time, most difficult to fill positions in the CEE region

The GANDER Analyses team made a representative sample survey of salaries combined with the availability of candidates. The focus was mainly on the profiles of specialists in four major industries.

The survey focuses on median starting salaries as well as the length of the recruitment cycle in three markets – Slovakia, Germany/Austria and Great Britain.

The results of the survey are presented here: